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For Agencies

We let you deal with hotels and planes and we focus in helping YOU to plan the best itinerary and the perfect activities that will delight your clients. We customize our advice Through an easy to fill online questionnaire to their personal taste. Let us save you time with our local expertise.

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For groups and families

What to do? Where to go? Will they like it?… stop! Let us help you to plan the perfect trip by sharing with you the best tips and advice and helping to plan a perfect itinerary that will make it a success and meet everybody’s requirements Ideas for activities for all ages and all tastes .

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For curious travellers

Tired of canned travel offers? Been here before and want to do something different? We passionately love our small nation and can help you to plan an itinerary full of off-the-beaten path Yeah, things that not all visitors get to do and see! visits and activities that will surely meet your expectations.

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Simply put, it’s one of the most complete and trusted We Love Our Clients! travel planners for visiting Barcelona and Catalonia.
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Barcelona, Catalonia and The Catalans… we want to help foreign travellers to discover what this small nation is all about: what to do, what to see and where to go. We have plenty of beaches, monuments, historical sites, picturesque little towns, great cities, breathtaking scenic views, sacred places, high peaks and mountain ranges, ski resorts, old ruins, diverse and unique flora and
fauna, beautiful natural parks, one of the world’s best gastronomy, incredible traditions, some of the coolest shops and restaurants in Europe, wonderful and warm people, and plenty of sun… and all these within Catalonia, a small territory the size of Belgium or the state of Maryland (US), what else can you ask for? Let us help you plan your trip to fully enjoy Catalonia.
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An enticing nation: Catalonia

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Sunandlife, your travel planners to Barcelona and Catalonia

  • Fill our online questionnaire letting us know your tastes and preferences.
  • Within a few days you will receive a customized itinerary PROPOSAL which we’re then happy to fine tune with you.
  • Shortly after you will receive from Paypal a money request from us.
  • After payment is received, we will create your own tailored POCKET GUIDE
  • When it is ready, after 7 to 10 days, we will email you the link so you can download your Pocket Guide at your convenience.
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We love our clients, and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust. When you hire our service, you will only have to worry about enjoying your vacation!

This was our third trip to beautiful Barcelona and wow! we never suspected how many more things to do there are outside the city. Catalonia really is an amazing country.
John P. - Melbourne
Sunandlife was organized and insightful. Within a few days we had the whole trip pretty much planned. We absolutely recommend it to anyone considering piecing together their own jaunt in Barcelona.
Joanne S. - Dallas, TX
Great asset in Barcelona for our company. The team at Sunandlife is really responsive and always offer great tips and ideas. A top class service that help us to serve our clients.
Margaret A. - J.P.Travel, New York, NY

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