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We are proud about the quality of our service and we’re sure our customers will too. That’s why we won’t charge you up front but instead we’ll first work with you to create a perfect itinerary and then, and only then, we’ll ask you for payment before proceeding to the final step of the process: creating your own tailored POCKET GUIDE.

And to make payment really easy, we’ve devised a very simple procedure: a few days after receiving our Proposal you will also receive an email from Paypal with a money request from us for the amount of the project.

If so far you’re happy with our service and wish to conclude the transaction, simply follow the instructions in the email. You will be asked to go to Paypal’s website and make the payment, either via your Paypal account (if you have one) or via a credit card. Paypal will handle all the details thus you can be sure your financial data is safe. We will not even see this information, we’ll only be told by Paypal when the payment has been made.

Then we can conclude the project: a few days later you’ll be able to download your Pocket Guide at your convenience. See the full process here.

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