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We are TRAVEL PLANNERS -not travel agents nor tour operators. We help visitors to Barcelona and Catalonia to plan their visit: what to do, where to go and how to get the most out of your trip. We are passionate locals that know our stuff! Our service targets the traveler that’s self-organizing his trip. We do not do tours, nor bookings or reservations -we leave that to you or your travel agent. See us as your personal (and unbiased) consultants that will help you to create a memorable experience.

If you are the kind of traveler that likes to organize his or her own trip, that likes to go about his own way and on his own pace but still wants a few tips and help from locals to create the perfect itinerary… then we’re certainly a match in heaven for you.

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[accordian] [toggle title=”Our Mission”]To help visitors to Barcelona and Catalonia to plan their best vacation ever without interfering in their reservations or meddling in their pace. We’re born and bred here and our aim is to share our knowledge and experiences.[/toggle] [toggle title=”The Philosophy”]Because we too are travelers and not tourists, because we like to go about our own way and pace, and because we like to get memories and experiences, not just pictures. That’s why we are and we want to share it with you![/toggle] [toggle title=”The Promise”]We will always adapt our advice to our clients’ tastes and preferences so he can enjoy a memorable tailored experience. We get paid for helping to plan not for selling activities. We don’t get commissions![/toggle] [toggle title=”We Can Deliver On Projects”]Each new project is a new challenge. Our projects are tailored to each client and we always go the extra mile to make sure our deliveries are fit for each customer. [/toggle] [/accordian] [/fusion_builder_column_inner]
[title size=”2″]Our Crazy Skills[/title] [progress percentage=”95″]Candidness to serve our customers[/progress] [progress percentage=”99″]Passion for Barcelona and Catalonia[/progress] [progress percentage=”90″]Expertise in planning trips[/progress] [progress percentage=”93″]Love for the job well done[/progress]
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[separator top=”20″] We are a small team of passionate Catalans that know and love this land. We want to share with you all our knowledge and experience about Barcelona and Catalonia. We are not travel agents, we’re not here to “sell” you tickets or activities, we’re here to advise you on your planning instead. Our team is led by Núria and Enric and includes the assistance from a group of friends and collaborators: Anna, Joan, Marc and Cristina. Each one coming from a different walk of life but all sharing the same passion for displaying their beloved Catalonia to the world.[/fusion_builder_column_inner][/fusion_builder_row_inner]
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[person name=”NÚRIA” picture=”” title=”Operations & Planning”] She has a BA in Tourism. During her last year at university, she was living between the UK and Barcelona working for several hotels. She has worked as Office Sales Manager for an airline company at Barcelona’s airport in charge of coordinating a sales team, air ticketing and customer care. With great social skills and ease of communication, Núria loves planning holidays for her family and finds it just as exciting as creating unforgettable holidays for friends, associates and her customers. Having young kids herself makes Núria the perfect planner for families visiting Barcelona and Catalonia.

A keen traveller; the next holiday is always in the planning. She’s often participating in many traditional Catalan folk and arts activities, be as organiser of a ‘festa major’, be as a supporter of a team of human towers, and yes, she also dances sardana very well! Her experience in these matters makes her an invaluable asset to Sunandlife when in comes to propose traditional folk activities. Núria’s the alma matter of the project, she’s there day in day out in charge of Sunandlife’s operations as well as planning itineraries for our customers. Her resourcefulness will solve (almost!) any situation.[/person] [/fusion_builder_column_inner]

[person name=”ENRIC” picture=”” title=”Strategy & Marketing”] He has lived in numerous cities across Europe and has travelled extensively, both for work and for leisure. He’s indeed very internationally-minded and always tries to understand the mindset of the cultures he’s in touch with. Enric’s early jobs were in Operations for several airlines and a tourism wholesaler. After completing his second MBA (Marketing) he developed his career as a Strategy Consultant and he’s today advising his customers on different sorts of projects in different industries. His specialty is strategy and planning, abilities that he wisely applies when he’s dreaming his next trip.

He’s a born and bred Barcelonian in love with his city and knows it upside down. Enric’s definitively a true urbanite and he loves his city breaks across Europe. He’s in charge of Sunandlife’s business strategy as well as of searching for the newest activity in town, the coolest spot, the coziest nook and cranny or the latest discovery about Barcelona’s past (he loves history, but not in a nerdy way!) to add to our ‘database of knowledge’ that we at Sunandlife later apply in our proposals to our customers. He also helps Núria with the planning of itineraries for Sunandlife’s customers.[/person]