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Now that you have just booked the plane tickets and accommodation to Barcelona for your clients… isn’t there anything else you could help them with? what about some planning for their stay so they get the most of their holiday? Time’s indeed money so there’s no time for test and try. You need an expert in your office with deep knowledge on this patch of land to yield a range of proposals to allow your client to live a great experience when visiting Barcelona and its surrounding areas. But again, you can’t possibly know everything from every destination you serve, can you?

Wish YOU had your own back office in Barcelona?

Well look no further! With us, you will have a professional partner assisting you in offering your client his best holiday in Barcelona. We have plenty of ideas to help planning a perfect itinerary for your client, tailored to his tastes and preferences.

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These Are Just A Few Of Your Benefits, There Are Plenty More

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  • Your very own back office in Barcelona with specialists about the city and surrounding areas.

  • You are our interlocutor. You’re always in control.

  • Our service is fast, un-intrusive and affordable.

  • Easy payment by credit card or Paypal.

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  • Unbiased experts consulting for you. We DO NOT get commissions for recommending activities.

  • Tailored service for your client, adapted to his tastes and preferences.

  • Our consultancy is supported by a professionally looking Pocket Guide especially made for each of your clients.


Ridiculously Affordable

Think about how much your clients are paying for a return flight to Barcelona plus an accommodation in a decent hotel or a nice apartment. Then how much will they be spending on restaurants, transportation, attractions and souvenirs. It all comes to quite a bundle, doesn’t it? And to that, how much more shall we add if he’s having to browse through dozens of websites and guides to plan an itinerary before the trip? how much is all that time worth to him or to you, as his agent? How about unloading all that work from you both for a rather ridiculous amount? We at Sunandlife.eu will go through all that hassle and figure out an itinerary for your client. An itinerary that will suit his tastes and preferences and where all the details will be dealt with. And all that without meddling in your client’s freedom to go about his own pace.

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FAQ for Travel Agencies

You say you’re not a travel agent nor a tour operator, what are you then?

We are TRAVEL PLANNERS and our mission is to help you to create memorable personalized vacations for your client by sharing our knowledge and experience. We provide planning services as a stand-alone service. We DO NOT do tours, nor bookings or reservations –we leave that to you or to your client, albeit we can guide you when making them if necessary. See us as your personal (and unbiased) consultants that will help you to create a memorable experiences for your client.

Who’s your client?

You are! We deal with you (agent) all the time so you can present our service to your client the way you prefer: maybe you’re offering other services and you’d like to pack them together, maybe you’d like to add your own flair to our service, or maybe you simply want to intermediate. Whatever your role, we accommodate to your business. And since you are our client, we talk to you and we invoice you.

In a few words, what’s exactly your service?

After getting to know your client tastes and expectations –via an online questionnaire- we propose an itinerary full of activities for his consideration. Once tuned up, we create a tailored Pocket Guide containing all the information relevant to those activities: background, addresses, schedules, how to get from one to the next, advice from us locals on what to see/do on the way from one activity to the next, etc. It’s like having your own expert consultant. Check “How it works?

What does the Pocket Guide contains? and in which format is presented?

The Pocket Guide is a full color book downloadable in electronic format (PDF) which includes a detailed itinerary with the activities we’ve agreed with you and your client in the Proposal -which in turn is based on his tastes and preferences expressed in the online questionnaire. The Pocket Guide contains point-to-point instructions, personal recommendations from our experts, general info about Barcelona and Catalonia and plenty of other useful information. Basically, we provide your client with the peace of mind of knowing it contains everything he needs so that he can concentrate on enjoying his holiday. See an example here. Since each Pocket Guide is tailored to the needs of a specific client, we provide a secure access for your client to download his Pocket Guide at his convenience.

Does your service include the reservations of the activities proposed in the Pocket Guide?

NO. As we said before, we provide planning services as a stand-alone service. Our job is to suggest activities and visits that will serve you as a guide, so you are free to perform them or not, which makes it unfeasible to make reservations for our clients. Anyway, we will provide the information needed to letting you take care of the booking for those activities that require it.

Is there a minimum number of travelers needed to order a customized trip?

There is no need for a minimum number of people. We can plan a trip from 1 person to a whole extended family or large group.

Does my client have to follow your itinerary?

Certainly not. We propose and itinerary and make sure he’s got all the information needed to easily carry it out, but since there’s no commitment for him to follow it, he can alter it at his convenience. Mind thought if he’s booked attractions most tickets won’t be reimbursed (he should check with the relevant websites to see each Cancellation Policy).

How is it different from the advice of a tourist board?

On site tourists boards will provide brochures and the odd advice on specific questions but will not provide a full scheduled itinerary like we do. Taking into account your client’s preferences (extracted from the online questionnaire) we not only propose a tailored itinerary but we also take into consideration the commuting times and the best routes from A to B so the traveler has only to follow directions to have a trouble free visit.

Could not my clients plan the trip themselves?

Of course they could. These days there are plenty of online and offline resources for self-planning one’s holidays. However this can be a time consuming exercise and time is normally of essence, both in the planning phase as well as when you’re at the destination. Our holidays are normally shorter than we’d like, so getting the most out of them it’s a must. Besides, local advice always beats any web or guide book because it provides that extra twist that makes experiences memorable.

Do you get paid for recommending products/services?

We DO NOT receive any commissions on product/service sales. Therefore we will never recommend any particular service, site, attraction or provider because of money. That means your client is getting the best advice, just like he would from a close friend. With our own travel experience and deep knowledge of this side of the world, we offer real advice for real travelers.

Do you sell any other service directly to my clients?

NO, our only service is the one described here: a consultancy… and that’s all what we get paid for.

When are you getting paid?

We take pride on our service. We feel so sure you and your client will be delighted with it that we offer to analyze your client’s tastes and preferences and to make an initial proposal for an itinerary… for free. A few days after you have received the proposal we’ll send you a money request through Paypal. If you are happy with the proposal we’ll ask you to honor the money request so we can conclude the project by creating the tailored Pocket Guide for your client -based on his itinerary- and which will be ready in a few days.

Is this service only for Barcelona?

YES. We offer this service for travelers visiting Barcelona and its region, Catalonia. We only focus on this area because that’s the area we’re really knowledgeable about, it’s our homeland after all.

Can you recommend a hotel/apartment for me?

Since we don’t do bookings, we prefer instead to advice on a suitable area or neighbourhood –according to the profile of your client and the length of his stay- rather than on a specific hotel or apartment.

If my client needs assistance while on holiday, can he contact you?

As mentioned, we are not a travel agency, so our service ends with the creation of the Pocket Guide. However, as a courtesy to YOU, we’ll happily answer any email your client wishes to send us and we’ll do our best to assist whenever possible. That’s a promise!

Can I phone you?

We are a small team, and since most of our clients are in different time zones, we find it more convenient to communicate via email and/or via the online chat on our website –available during business hours (9am-2pm and 3pm-4pm CET). We always try to answer emails within 24 hours or less.

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