The undiscovered treasure of the Mediterranean.

Catalonia, a small nation under the Kingdom of Spain. Plenty of beaches, monuments, historical sites, picturesque little towns, great cities, breathtaking scenic views, sacred places, high peaks and mountain ranges, ski resorts, old ruins, diverse and unique flora and fauna, beautiful natural parks, one of the world’s best gastronomy, incredible traditions, some of the coolest shops and restaurants in Europe, wonderful and warm people, and plenty of sun… and all these within Catalonia, a small territory the size of Belgium or the state of Maryland (US), what else can you ask for?

Catalonia in Europe
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Explore Catalonia: You'll Be Surprised!

Main Facts

Coordinates: 41°49’N 1°28’E
Size: 32,114 km² (12,399 sq mi)
Population: 7.566 million (2012)
Density: 240/km² (610/sq mi)
Languages: Catalan, Aranese, Spanish

Government: Autonomous community under the Kingdom of Spain
Type: Partially devolved government under constitutional monarchy
Body: Generalitat de Catalunya

Capital city: BARCELONA
Area: city 101.9 km² (39.3 sq mi), urban 803 km² (310 sq mi)
Population (2012): city 1.620 million, urban 4.604 million
Density: 15,991/km² (41,420/sq mi)

Barcelona, a modern old city full of surprises and delights.

Barcelona, the capital city of Catalonia, is an enchanting seaside city with boundless culture, fabled architecture, and a world-class drinking and dining scene. Sun-kissed and lapped by the Mediterranean, Barcelona is packed with cultural treasures, from lamplit medieval lanes to glittering Gaudí masterpieces. By nightfall the city is a whirl of buzzing restaurants and tapas bars. Gaudí, La Rambla, the sea… you won’t want to miss this side of Barcelona. But did you know that the city has many more surprises that you’ll love to discover? There are 10 Barcelonas (10 districts) waiting for you, full of surprises and delights!

Catalonia in Europe

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A Few Reasons To Visit Barcelona and Catalonia

Home to a varied landscape that offers many surprises, Catalonia is a well kept secret that is waiting to enthrall you with all its charm. Barcelona is the capital and most well known city of the region but there is so much more to be found. A land of contrasts, Catalonia offers a rugged coastline, mountain peaks, lakes, rivers, forests, and surprises around every corner. The villages are as lovely as the natural environment. Sights range from Romanesque architecture to Arab remnants and from prehistoric relics to avant-garde art.

Barcelona, a cosmopolitan city

A cosmopolitan capital.

The castle of Talamanca in the county of Bages

Historical & artistic heritage.

Catalans, warm people

Welcoming people.

Montserrat Natural Park

Surrounded by nature.

Castells, or human towers, an experience unique to Catalonia

Tradition is centerpiece.

La Sagrada Família, masterpiece of Gaudí

Breathtaking architecture.

Lots of outdoor activities

Enjoying life at its full.


A world famous cuisine.

A truly Mediterranean paradise

Did we mention our sun and beaches?

You won't get bored!

So much to do and see.

Catalonia: a small nation

Everything is close.

We are waiting...

Catalonia is waiting for you!