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We understand the way you like to travel because we ourselves like it too: a bit of an independent beast away from the tourist flocks, going your own way and at your own pace but still wanting to see “everything” that’s worth seeing. After all, you don’t live around the corner, do you? That’s why a service like the one we provide at Sunandlife is so handy. We affectionately refer to it as helpin’ but no meddlin’ because it provides the assistance of a local expert that helps you to plan your itinerary BEFORE you travel.

But since customer satisfaction is paramount for us, we take our time to provide a first class service, because we really care. We don’t like to unnecessarily rush things, instead we like to plan a proposal that really fits your tastes and then we translate it into a great POCKET GUIDE so you can confidently travel knowing that you’ll be able to make everything in the ‘bucket list’. The only thing we can’t arrange is the weather… but don’t worry we have over 2500 hours of sunshine per year (really!), not bad, huh?

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