FIRST, let’s get to know you better…

This site includes a very comprehensive online questionnaire for you to provide information
that will help in the planning of our proposal for your trip.

Our online questionnaire


We gather information on your goals and interests through an easy online questionnaire. Privacy and discretion guaranteed. We only need to know what you want to share with us but the most information you can provide helps to ensure we are assisting you in the most meaningful way. This questionnaire allows us to determine what might be the best landmarks and activities for you and we will make an itinerary proposal based on your answers.

We pride in offering our customers a tailored advice, adapted to their needs and this is why we need to get to know you, your choices and expectations so we can help you make your trip to Barcelona and Catalonia a unique memorable experience. Remember we are travel planners, we only help you plan your trip before you travel and we don’t interfere with your stay.

Give it a try when you are ready to start planning: >> fill up our online QUESTIONNAIRE here

SECOND, get our Proposal for an itinerary

After submitting the questionnaire, within a few days we’ll send you a Proposal of an itinerary for you to consider.
We’ll be happy to fine-tune it with you until you’re totally satisfied.

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The Proposal contains a brief explanation of each activity/attraction
we’ve considered that can be of your interest. See an example

THIRD, payment!

By now we feel you might be already convinced about the quality of our service.
A few days after receiving our Proposal we’ll send you a money order from Paypal.

Ridiculously Easy Setup:
Paypal payment procedure

We like to make things easy and convenient for our customers, that’s why we let Paypal handle all the payments so we never see any of your credit card information. Paypal allows payments and money transfers to be made safely through the Internet and it’s the largest (and probably most reputable) online payment system of them all, so you can rest assure your information is secure with them.



LAST, get your Pocket Guide: tailored to your itinerary

Your very own custom-made travel guide built around your itinerary, with useful information on what, when and how
compiled and written by expert passionate Barcelonians, so you can relax and focus only in enjoying your trip.

Our online questionnaire


Within 7 to 10 days after payment, depending on the length of your trip and the number of activities, your tailored Pocket Guide will be ready. We will then email you a PERSONAL & NON TRANSFERABLE access code for downloading it at your convenience.

The guide is meant only for you as it’s built around the needs and requirements you expressed in the online questionnaire. Aside the proposed schedule for the activities and attractions chosen for your itinerary, the guide contains fact files on each of them, maps and directions to smoothly move from one to the next and recommendations to look out along the way. But there’s more, the guide includes several additional sections with articles, suggested DIY walking tours and other useful information we believe you will enjoy.

PocketGuide: contents

Extensive content

We like you to feel you’re getting a “good bang for your buck” so our Pocket Guide containing your itinerary is presented in a rich full color format with lots of additional information.
PocketGuide: tailored

Tailored for you

Each guide is the result of a personalized travel planning exercise we’ve conducted exclusively for you, so each one of our guides is meant only for its recipient.
PocketGuide: itinerary

Proposed activities

The heart of the guide is the set of fact files for each activity we have proposed you. Descriptions, info on how to get from one to the next and recommendations along the way.
PocketGuide: articles

Featured articles

We also include several interesting articles on different subjects that will allow you to have an idea on the past and present of Catalonia, its capital city Barcelona and The Catalans.
PocketGuide: DIY walking tours

Suggested DIY walking tours

Also included several DIY walking tours that will allow you to discover the nooks and crannies of Barcelona also walking by the most important landmarks and attractions.
PocketGuide: ... a lots more

… and more useful information

… the likely highlights of your trip; a short introduction to Catalan, the local language; useful tips on eating out, weather, safety, transfers, moving up and down on public transport…

Going the extra mile!

We will also let you know which activities and attractions require pre-booking and will address you to the appropriate third-party websites with clear instructions on which type of ticket do you need and how to book it. Note we DO NOT receive any commissions on product/service sales. Full stop. Therefore we will never recommend any particular service, site, attraction or provider because of money. That means you’re getting the best advice, just like you would from a close friend. With our own travel experience and deep knowledge of this side of the world, we offer real advice for real travelers.